Class begins February 24th

Youth Education & Training

Journey Through the Cloud Grades 6-12

Work-Based STEM Learning

Our mission is to create alternative pathways to post-secondary success by empowering, equipping, inspiring, and educating students in grades 6-12. Our program goes beyond conventional approaches, offering diverse perspectives and abundant opportunities that unveil the high-demand, cutting-edge world of Cloud Technology, AI, and the vast landscape of STEM-related industries.

Our vision is to shatter barriers hindering students from unlocking the door to post-secondary success and a thriving future. We aspire to be architects of opportunity, dismantling obstacles and creating pathways that lead every student towards a prosperous and fulfilling journey beyond academia. In envisioning a world where barriers crumble, we strive to empower each student to embrace their full potential, ensuring that no dream is out of reach and every future is bright. SIMPLY BECOMING BETTER!

Mission Statement

Vision Statement:

"Journey Through the Cloud" is an innovative, work-based learning initiative designed to empower students in grades 6-12 with practical skills in Salesforce and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Our program is unique in its hands-on approach, providing students with the opportunity to tackle real-world projects, fostering creativity, collaboration, and technical proficiency.

Program Overview:

Program Objectives:

1. Skills Development:
Equip students with practical skills in Salesforce and SDLC, preparing them for future careers in the technology sector.

2. Diversity and Inclusion:

Foster diversity in the tech industry by engaging students from diverse backgrounds and ensuring equal access to educational opportunities.

3. Community Impact:

Strengthen our local community by preparing students for the digital workforce and establishing connections between schools, mentors, and local businesses.