Class begins February 24th

The Becoming Project, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in August of 2009 with the simple mission of helping people live powerful, passionate, and positive lives by recognizing and operating in their God-given purpose. This year marks 15 YEARS that we have been providing training, education, opportunity, exposure, and most of all love and kindness to help our global community answer the "call" that we all have which is to SIMPLY BECOME BETTER

We are fueled by our love for people, our committment to purpose and our passion for technology. We provide more than just  training programs; we nurture our people through a transformative journey from cradle-to-career and act as an accelerant for success in the dynamic Salesforce  industry.

Our mission is clear: to empower individuals, business professionals, and business owners to "become what the world needs" utilizing  our specialized skills and leveraging our experience within the Salesforce ecosystem. We accomplish this through an immersive 3-pronged approach that combines job readiness, hands-on experience; personal development and enrichment with in-depth business training and certification preparation.

What sets us apart is our commitment to fostering not just Salesforce expertise but also personal growth and empowerment. We believe that the best Salesforce professionals are those who not only master the technology but also harness their inner potential. With our "Becoming Certified" program, our students not only gain the technical skills but also the confidence and knowledge needed to thrive in the Salesforce world.






  • Single Mothers
  • At-Risk Young Adults
  • Aspiring Young Leaders
  • Veterans+Family
  • Ex-Offenders+Family

Our programs are designed to assist EVERYONE on their journey to SIMPLY BECOME BETTER. But through research we have identified a few marginalized groups that we would like to highlight and provide extra attention. We call these groups our "pillars" and they include the following: