We are now a Registered Apprenticeship Program with the USDOL!!!

Our vision is to" raise the bar" by increasing overall certification and employment metric and certifying and employing one thousand new technologist in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2028

Our mission is to close the Salesforce workforce gap by equipping, exposing, and employing a new breed of certified, “ready-to-work” technologists with an increased focused on our at-risk pillar communities.

Mission Statement:

Vision Statement:


Certification Training

8 Week Certified Administrator Training + Exam Prep

4 Week Certified Associate Training + Exam Prep

16 Week Salesforce Career Jumpstart ProgramCertification + Volunteership

Career Accelerator Programs

6 Month Salesforce Career Development Program
Career Coaching + Apprenticeship

12 Month Salesforce Career Advancement Program
Coaching + Apprenticeship +
Job Placement


12-18 Month Technology Apprenticeship Program Certification+ Apprenticeship

Volunteership Program


Pre-Apprenticeship  Program