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About Us

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The Becoming Project, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in August of 2009 with the simple mission of helping people live powerful, passionate, and positive lives by recognizing and operating in their God-given purpose. This year marks 10 YEARS that we have been providing training, education, opportunity, exposure, and most of all love and kindness to help our global community answer the "call" that we all have which is to BECOME BETTER. As we each BECOME BETTER, we make our global community BETTER.

ZeE Browning, Founder

"I believe that EVERYONE has a unique PURPOSE. And by tapping into that PURPOSE, you will find everything that you need to be happy, fulfilled, successful, and prosperous."--ZeE

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist members of our global community in identifying, developing, and utilizing their unique gifts and talents which we call "individual greatness"(IG) through education, training, opportunity, exposure, but most of all through love and kindness. We believe that a better world starts with each of us BECOMING a better version of ourselves.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We believe that EVERYONE is born with purpose. And we believe that tapping into PURPOSE produces a wealth of POWER, PASSION, and POSITIVITY that can be used for the betterment of our global community and further champion the call for human kindness, community service, the spirit of giving, and simply BECOMING better. 


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